Various bits & pieces

Here are a few randomly selected bits and bobs to show you, demonstrating the thinking and ideas behind some of the work.

The process

Tiny sample of some various bits of work.

Open Colleges

Prototyped natural language form. A/B testing other variants.

E commerce order filtering & processing idea

Exploring the idea of different ways to filter and process orders. Other variations also prototyped.

Orbitz - Asia Hotels

The website achieved a 3 fold increase on revenues in the 6 months following the initial launch. Proof of concept that we could make a UI / UX / DEV pattern to deliver minimum marketable products across selected domains quicker than the company was ever able to achieve.

Responsive redesign of the Edu-Pay Payment system

Use only existing form elements, redesigned with better use of space and logical collection of data.

Does social proof effect purchase decision.

This is a panel created for several tests based on social proof & it's impact on the purchase decisions of others.

Success plotter

Based on historical data can we plot key activity to understand what makes a successful store. I wanted to demonstrate there might be patterns for success in certain product verticals.