Bigcommerce is a world class SaaS E-commerce application for SMB. With over $2 Billion dollars in sales through the system & over 55,000 active stores. I got on board as the first member of the product team and together we designed and made a great application.

The process

This is a very small random sample of some of the work done.

We want to show new users features and events in app.

We redesigned the modal panels to support multi-step forms & wizards, animations and custom contextual events.

As a user I want an easy way to manage many orders

Existing functionality only. We reworked this panel many times based on what we were finding worked or failed. This is a design iteration based on decluttering the interface, while maintaining known user workflows.

As a user I want a way to set order status

Existing functionality only. This was a design study in using the current API to create drag and drop order status. We were looking to see if we combined common tasks and tools into a menu like system if this help the users complete order related actions faster. From designs, mocks and tests we were able to further our understanding.

As a user I wish handling categories was easier

Add product and editing existing categories. Using a miller menu style category display we were able to enable the user all level taxonomy selection. We also protyped drag and drop classification and saving.

As a user I want an easy way to manage my store on my mobile

New functionality API only. I was the lead designer in all of BigCommerce's mobile applications. We built the application using the API only.

As a business we need to start working on the dashboard

Hackathon event entry. Designed a dashboard in 8 hours that only uses functionality found in the current API.